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SMS and Calling Solutions for Educational Institutions

School Closing Alerts and more

School Delays and Closing Alerts

  • account management   
  • Account Management

    Reduce fraud by setting up two-factor authentication for all online accounts using text or calls.

  • general alerts   
  • General Alerts

    Keep parents and staff informed with voice or text alerts notifications.

  • payment management   
  • Payment Management

    Increase tuition payments received on-time using text or call reminders, confirmations, and late payment notices.

account Your verification code 13792. Please enter this code to log into your account.

weather ATTN: School will be closed today due to inclement weather.

tuition Reminder: Tuition for next semester is due by the 30th. Please submit your payment before then to avoid late fees. Thank you.


SMS Notify! API

SMS Notify! API

Effortlessly connect to others via two way texting

  • Deliver 1000s of messages in seconds
  • Send and receive SMS for two-way communication
  • Choose between short (5-6 digit number) and long codes (standard 10-digit number)
  • Supported by most U.S. and Canada carriers
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Phone Notify! API

Phone Notify! API

Place thousands of calls per minute to
get your message heard efficiently

  • Receive up to 12,000 incoming/outgoing calls per minute
  • Can implement IVR access through text
  • Reach both landlines and cell phones
  • Use a toll-free or local number to receive incoming calls