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Industries Using Our Services


Instantly send notifications to parents with SMS Notify! and Phone Notify! Call or text with the latest information on school closings or delays or changes in after-school activities.


Keep customers up to date on their packages and increase the likelihood of a completed delivery the first time. Send them shipping notifications and tracking information using SMS Notify!


Text or call your patients to remind them about their upcoming appointments to decrease the amount of missed appointments and get notice of cancelations with the help of Phone Notfiy! and SMS Notify!


Alert account holders to their current balance and flag their account for suspected fraud while being able to communicate with a large number of employees more easily using SMS Notify! and Phone Notify!


Connect with customers before/after sales with text promotions and phone surveys or send maintenance updates using SMS Notify! and Phone Notify!


Inform diners of on-going specials and promotions while allowing them to reserve a table without picking up a phone! Increase customer loyalty with SMS Notify!


Send customers coupons and current sales to increase in store conversions. Keep customers up to date on the online order and delivery status with SMS Notify!


Check addresses given by the customer against USPS to ensure deliverabilty with PAV and text updates to track delivery and notify when the order is delivered with SMS Notify!

Case Studies

See how some of our largest clients have been using CDYNE's APIs

One of the leading package delivery and logistic company in the U.S. uses Phone Notify!® for delivery notifications and payment reminders for tax and tariffs.

One of the top 10 retail clothing chains in the US uses Phone Notify!® to update customers on order status, deliveries, and other important order information. Sending out on average 100,000+ messages per month.

One of the largest government contractors and manufacturers of jets uses SMS Notify!® to internally alert employees for weather updates and changes in the office.

A large US-based bank uses SMS Notify!® to update their vast number of employees which is vital to thrive in our current economy.

One of the top US-based Telecommunications companies uses PAV® to ensure addresses are accurate, that mail is deliverable and compatible with USPS standards.

A leading broker/investment firm uses SMS Notify!® to stay in contact with their clients on the current state of the market and advises them to capitalize on opportunities and maximum return on investment.