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International Address Lookup(Free Service Demo)

Correct and standardize addresses for over 240 countries. Standardizing address data guarantees fast delivery, significantly reduced return mail and makes it easier to dedupe postal address databases.

Try it out with these real addresses

Sydney Opera House
GPO Box R239
Royal Exchange
Sydney NSW 1225
Ghibli Museum
1-1-83 Simorenjaku
Tokyo 181-0013
Japanese Kanji example
〒181-0013 東京都三鷹市下連雀
1-1-83 Japan
Native language output
41 Nevsky pr.
St.Petersburg Russia

This webware version of the CDYNE PAV-I Web Service is provided for limited use. Feel free to use this international address lookup service up to 15 times per day for free. This service is limited by IP Address, so if you are sharing an internet connection, your trial lookups might have been already used up for the day.

CDYNE also supports US lookups and Canadian lookups.

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