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CDYNE Data Center Security

Secure, Available, and Reliable Web Services

CDYNE Communication and Data Quality APIs support HTTPS for data encryption and secure communication.

100% Availability
CDYNE's Service Level Agreement (SLA) is designed to protect our clients against unscheduled outages. As the leader in the Web Services industry, CDYNE is the only provider with such an uncompromising SLA, guaranteeing zero downtime of the services you rely on. The SLA provides unsurpassed levels of availability with correspondingly aggressive penalties for failure to comply with the SLA. This 100% uptime assurance is a direct result of CDYNE's relentless pursuit of service excellence.

CDYNE provides uptime reports and current API status for all services through a respected third party monitoring company. Please check for more information. Detailed historical reports are available upon request.

Secure Data Centers
CDYNE data centers are housed behind a climate controlled Biometric Security building with redundant power back up. The building is monitored 24/7 and all individuals are required to carry a picture ID HID device in addition to a full biometric hand security scan. All connections between our enterprise grade firewalls and the internal servers are encrypted with Triple AES. Only internal servers would have any data on them. All users who have access to this are required to have a complex password with a change rate of less than 15 days. Our passwords require a minimum of 9 characters that include each of the following: a symbol, upper case letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. CDYNE never mines or sells information that crosses its servers or systems.

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